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    Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder - High Strength Type (mainly applicable to high-end vitrified bond, resin bond, metal bond products and electroplated diamond products; Also suitable for the production and manufacture of diamond wire saw electroplated products and diamond compact (PCD)) DMP-WSD. Synthetic diamond micron powder for diamond wire

  • diamond powder

    Diamond Powder

    Introduction. Advanced Abrasives diamond powders are available in numerous standard abrasive size selections from 25 nanometers up to 30/40 mesh, each with a tightly held particle size distribution. And for specific applications requirements, we are able to provide non-standard sizes and customized particle size distributions.

  • mono and polycrystalline diamond lapping powders, slurry

    Mono and Polycrystalline Diamond lapping powders, slurry

    Moncrystalline Synthetic (man made) Diamond lapping powders are available in many different sizes, in both Resin bond and Metal bond. Resin bond diamond powders are also available with copper or nickle coatings. Polycrystalling powders are also available, see below. Moncrystalline Diamond Powders: Lapping and Polishing, Metal Etching:

  • abrasives - monocrystalline structure synthetic diamond

    Abrasives - Monocrystalline Structure Synthetic Diamond

    Very strict process control insures consistent premium quality synthetic diamond powders. The resin and metal bond system diamonds are available in a variety of grades and sizes, along with the mesh sized diamonds of different hardness, all in compliance with the US Bureau of Standards.

  • slmp diamond micron powder

    SLMP diamond micron powder

    Shili superhard material supplies diamond micron powder. They are kinds of milled crystals through crush the synthesized crystals. The high precision standards and narrow size distribution let the diamond powder have the excellent results in grinding, polishing and super finishing in industries like electronics,semiconductors and automobiles.

  • resin bond mesh diamond | products - saint-gobain

    Resin Bond Mesh Diamond | Products - Saint-Gobain

    Resin Bond Mesh Diamond. Grains are microfractured during grinding and new edges formed for efficient, free-cutting action. Resin bond mesh diamond is typically 40µm and larger in particle size and is available in standard electroless nickel (Ni) coatings of 30% and 56% by weight, and a copper (Cu) coating of 50% by weight.

  • metal bond mesh diamond powder | products | saint-gobain

    Metal Bond Mesh Diamond Powder | Products | Saint-Gobain

    Metal Bond Mesh Diamond. The typical blocky crystals are suitable for resin, metal and electroplated bond systems in applications such as grinding ceramics, cemented carbides and glasses. Our bond mesh diamond is typically 40µm and larger in particle size and is available in standard electroless nickel (Ni) coatings of 30% and 56% by weight,...

  • diamond powder - thomasnet

    Diamond Powder - ThomasNet

    Custom manufacturer of diamond powder compounds . Micron sizes range from 0-15 to 54-80. Mesh sizes range from 23-325 to 200,000. Available 5 gram, 10 gram, 18 gram, 25 gram and custom size jars and syringes. Applications include lapping, GEM cutting and polishing. Finish capabilities range from 12 to .5 micron inches.

  • diamond powder price list at diamond tech

    Diamond Powder Price List at Diamond Tech

    Diamond powder or micron powders are well defined ranges of fine particles usually less than 80 microns in diameter. A micron grade designation defines the size range of the abrasive particles. Crystal shape, strength and accuracy of sizing are the key elements for a quality micron powder. This is very important in lapping, polishing, and super-finishing operations where oversized grains can

  • diamond powder manufacturers & suppliers

    Diamond Powder manufacturers & suppliers

    If you are looking for Diamond Powder for sale, check out the above products choices that you can't miss along with other options such as artificial diamond, diamond grinding wheels, synthetic diamond powder. Find out what's trending and get fast access to industry content all in