• diamond micron - grindmind-abrasives.com

    Diamond micron - grindmind-abrasives.com

    Our diamond micro powders are precisely produced for resin bond,vitrified bond,metal bond and electroplated bond systems. Recommended for polishing,lapping or cutting tungsten carbide,glass,ceramics,silicon,sapphire,quartz,gemstone,nature stone and PCD/PCBN.

  • metal bond micron powder economy grade - hyperionmt.com

    Metal Bond Micron Powder Economy Grade - hyperionmt.com

    Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures metal bonded diamond micron powder in three grades (economy, standard, and premium), each of which is created for specific applications and conditions.Our economy GMM diamond is used for gem polishing and precision wire saws, among other uses.

  • diamond/cbn powders for grinding/lapping/polishing - engis ...

    Diamond/CBN Powders for Grinding/Lapping/Polishing - Engis ...

    Micron diamond and CBN powders custom processed by Engis can be used in a wide variety of grinding, lapping and polishing applications. Our superior micronizing capability gives you the benefit of cleaner, more consistent performance results.

  • metal bond micron diamond - saint-gobain

    Metal Bond Micron Diamond - Saint-Gobain

    They are also extensively used in polishing and other surface conditioning applications. Processed using state-of-the-art grading equipment, Saint-Gobain metal bond micron diamond provides well-controlled particle size distribution and surface cleanliness in a wide range of challenging applications.

  • slmp diamond micron powder - shilisyntheticdiamond.com

    SLMP diamond micron powder - shilisyntheticdiamond.com

    Shili superhard material supplies diamond micron powder. They are kinds of milled crystals through crush the synthesized crystals. The high precision standards and narrow size distribution let the diamond powder have the excellent results in grinding, polishing and super finishing in industries like electronics,semiconductors and automobiles.

  • diamond micron powders - my account

    Diamond Micron Powders - My Account

    Metal Bond Diamond Powder. Premium Grade. Standard Grade. Economy Grade. Resin Bond Diamond Powder. Premium Grade. Standard Grade. Economy Grade. Diamond Micron Powders - Availability. The SJK-5* Concept of Diamond Compound for Super-Finishing and Polishing. Please use this pdf for a complete printout

  • micron diamond - zzdm superabrasives co.,ltd.


    Resin bond diamond micron powder, light gray color, blocky shape, friable multicrystalline structure, concentrated particle size distribution Good self-sharpening ability allows the crystal to continuously generate new cutting edges Recommended for resin bond vitrified bond systems Bring excellent performance in Tungsten carbide, hard alloy ...

  • diamond powder - advancedabrasives.com

    Diamond Powder - AdvancedAbrasives.com

    Advanced Abrasives offers an extensive lineup of diamond powder products comprising various grades of metal bond catalyst monocrystalline diamond (MDP), resin bond monocrystalline diamond (RDP), polycrystalline diamond (PDP) and natural diamond (NDP) to meet a wide range of applications in industry from feedstock for sintering large polycrystalline diamond pieces to abrasives for fine grinding ...

  • diamond | products | saint-gobain surface conditioning

    Diamond | Products | Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning

    Mesh and Micron Diamond Powders . Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning manufactures precision-graded mesh and micron diamond powders under the ABC and Warren brands, including metal bond, resin bond sawgrit and polycrystalline diamond.

  • diamond micron powder manufacturer,metal bond diamond powder ...

    Diamond Micron Powder Manufacturer,Metal Bond Diamond Powder ...

    Wangang Diamond Products Co. Ltd is leading Manufacturer,Supplier,Exporter of Diamond Micron Powder, Metal Bond Diamond Powder, Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder, High Strength Industrial Synthetic Diamond etc from Henan, China. Contact us for more information of Diamond Micron Powder, Metal Bond Diamond Powder, Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder, High Strength Industrial Synthetic Diamond.

  • micron diamond powder - microdiamant.com

    Micron diamond powder - microdiamant.com

    Diamond powder - Microdiamant is the leading producer of high-quality diamond powder made from polycrystalline, monocrystalline and natural diamond powder. Microdiamant's diamond powders are optimized for lapping and polishing applications, as well as for functional surface coatings and other advanced applications.

  • diamond micron powder - changsha 3 better ultra-hard ...

    Diamond micron powder - Changsha 3 Better Ultra-hard ...

    Applications: For machinery, electronics, aerospace, aviation, optical and other high-tech areas; also is widely used in finishing, grinding, polishing metal, ceramic workpieces Resin bond diamond micron powder: DM-R Product description: Using RVD diamond as raw materials; appearing sharp-edged of cutting blade when being crashed under certain ...

  • engis ® precision micron diamond powder

    Engis ® Precision Micron Diamond Powder

    Engis Precision Diamond is designed for the manufacture of precision grinding wheels and tools. Our complete range of high purity powders, which are designed specifically for your application needs, have consistent shape and tight particle size distribution that precisely control the high end distribution.

  • cbn & diamond mesh

    CBN & Diamond Mesh

    CBN & Diamond Mesh Metal-bond Mesh Diamond (Coarse) Coarse metal-bond diamond mesh is used in mining drill bits, saw segments, and other cutting or drilling applications that require aggressive abrasive action. IDS offers a variety of grades tailored to your requirements:

  • van moppes - home

    Van Moppes - Home

    Van Moppes Diamond Powder. By the way ... L.M. Van Moppes & Sons SA is the heir of a long tradition in the industrial diamond trade, which took its origin in England in 1893 and developed with the registration of the L.M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd company in 1917.. Our company, registered in 1952 has become independant and specialises in diamond and CBN powders for all grinding, lapping and ...

  • polishing powders, paste, and suspensions - emsdiasum

    Polishing Powders, Paste, and Suspensions - EMSDIASUM

    Polishing Powders, Paste, and Suspensions Alumina Powder. EMS's Alumina Powders are accurately controlled for all specs and particle size distribution, assuring you the best polishing results.

  • diamond materials,diamond micron powder,big size synthetic ...

    Diamond Materials,diamond micron powder,Big size synthetic ...

    Diamond Materials Resin bond diamond, regular or irregular crystal shape, preferably self sharpness.Applied to processing tungsten carbide, PCD die, stone materials, ceramics, gems and optical glass, PCD workpiece, etc.SMD synthetic diamond is manufactured under high pressure high temperature (HPHT).

  • diamond powder polishing

    diamond powder polishing

    Polishing Lapidary Diamond Powder 200.000 to 400 Grit Mesh 25 carats = 5 grams. New (Other) ... 20g Diamond Powder Metal Polishing Abrasive Grinding Grit Mesh 1500# -10000# Brand New. ... US Stock 6pcs Diamond Powder Polishing 400 Mesh 28 Micron 10g(50 Carats) Brand New. $10.40.

  • micron powders | dev group

    Micron Powders | Dev Group

    Synthetic micron diamond powder with high standard in regards to both shape & size distribution. Has extremely efficient metal bond retention & the crystals have strong cubo- octahedral shape with efficient cutting edges. Applications. Lapping / Polishing

  • diamond abrasive products | lapmaster wolters

    Diamond Abrasive Products | Lapmaster Wolters

    Diamond Abrasive Products. ... formulation has been developed to work with a specific Lapmaster diamond compound or slurry to maximize cutting and polishing efficiency) Diamond Powder- 3 types of diamond: Monocrystalline Synthetic (both resin and metal bond), Polycrystalline Synthetic, and ...

  • micron powder synthetic, natural and cbn - ceratonia.com

    Micron powder synthetic, natural and CBN - ceratonia.com

    CERA MIKRON Diamond- und CBN - Micron powder. CERATONIA has been supplying diamond raw materials to the tool industry since 1996 and has made a name for quality and service. We supply high-quality natural and synthetic diamond grit as well as powders with a wide selection for lapping, honing, grinding, polishing and machining with polycrystalline raw plates (CERATON CVD and CERADITE PKD).

  • higher quality diamond & cbn supplier - henan mochen ...

    Higher quality Diamond & CBN Supplier - Henan Mochen ...

    Our main products: Higher toughness diamond powder, Metal bond diamond powder, Resin bond diamond powder, Reformed high grade diamond, poly-crystalline diamond, micron diamond, diamond powders, CBN powders, coated diamond.... Our goal is to supply our customers with Quality Zero Risk products and our serivce is beyond the customers' expectation.

  • diamond paste compound, 25% (m) concentration of diamond ...

    Diamond Paste Compound, 25% (M) Concentration of Diamond ...

    Description. Diamond Paste of 5 grams- $5. Diamond paste, has 25 % concentration diamond powders (M) 1 unit of 5 gram of Diamond Paste: Suitable for use on jewelry & gemstone, steel & hard metal, aluminum & zinc.

  • diamond lapping equipment - smart cut

    Diamond Lapping Equipment - SMART CUT

    Metal & Resin Bond Diamond Discs are available from as coarse as 40 grit to fine as 1 micron. All Diamond Discs are interchangeable and come with either magnetic or adhesive backing. Other consumables such as diamond powder, cerium oxide, alumina powder, diamond compounds, diamond polishing coolant & diamond films are available upon request.

  • abrasives - hyperionmt.com

    Abrasives - hyperionmt.com

    Diamond and carbon boron nitride abrasives for grinding wheels and dicing blades, and micron powders for polishing and lapping applications Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a full line of diamond and carbon boron nitride mesh and powders for all of your abrasives needs.

  • diamond suspensions and slurries - advancedabrasives.com

    Diamond Suspensions and Slurries - AdvancedAbrasives.com

    Advanced Abrasives offers an extensive range of diamond superabrasive slurries and suspensions as given below. To ensure a match to our customer's application needs, we provide a choice of diamond crystal type with metal bond (MDP), resin bond (RDP) or natural diamond (NDP) in our Monocrystalline slurry and suspension lineup.

  • diamond blade,diamond cup wheel,diamond powder,big size ...

    Diamond blade,diamond cup wheel,Diamond powder,Big size ...

    Synthetic diamond grits and powders Diamond Micron Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Ti/Ni Coated synthetic diamond/CBN ... Metal Bond Polishing Pads. PDC Drill Bit. Square PDC cutter. PCD wire drawing die. Diamond Micron. Ti coated Diamond and CBN. Cubic Boron Nitride.

  • slsd metal bond synthetic diamond powder

    SLSD metal bond synthetic diamond powder

    Shili superhard material offers a complete range of coarse synthetic diamond powder,this series is mainly for sawing and drilling applications. The highest level of product quality and consistency let the premium diamond widely used in the mining, oil and gas , stone processing, renovation and construction industries.

  • about us - zhecheng hongxiang superhard material co.,ltd

    About Us - Zhecheng Hongxiang Superhard Material Co.,Ltd

    1. Synthetic diamond powder & Diamond micron powder. For making resin bond, metal bond, electroplated diamond tools, aim to cut, drill, grind and polish usage. 2. Glass diamond tools. Glass diamond drill bits; Glass grinding wheels; Glass polishing wheels; Glass diamond saw blades; Glass diamond tools accessories. 3. Stone diamond tools