• <h3>polycrystalline diamond(pcd) wire drawing dies

    Polycrystalline Diamond(pcd) Wire Drawing Dies

    iw is a,specialized in manufacturing,supply and service wire drawing dies and the related tools and equipment,including single crystal diamond die, polycrystalline diamond die,specialty wire dies,tungsten carbide dies.

  • <h3>polycrystalline diamond(pcd) wire drawing dies

    Polycrystalline Diamond(pcd) Wire Drawing Dies

    Polycrystalline diamond(PCD) sintered under high temperature and high press together with binder alloy is used. Diamond Drawing dies of high and consistent quality covering small to large diameters exhibit outstanding performance in larger size areas than single crystal diamond drawing dies. There are some factors to consider when specifying a PCD diamond die, PCD insert size, PCD grain size

  • <h3>china polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die suppliers

    China Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Die Suppliers

    Product Details. Polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die. The hardness of polycrystalline diamond mold is second only to natural diamond. Because of its isotropic characteristics, it does not cause a single radial wear increase phenomenon, but its price is very expensive, processing is difficult, and manufacturing cost is high.

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    High Quality PCD Diamond Wire/Pipe Drawing Dies Suppliers

    Our main products include Wire Drawing Die,Tungsten Carbide Mould as your first choice.Better communication,quick response and good manner are our most important attitude.Stretch Drawing Die and Sprial Wire Drawing Die.And Hot Sale Diamond Nozzle .You are

  • <h3>pcd blanks for wire drawing die-hnhongxiang

    PCD blanks for wire drawing die-HNHONGXIANG

    Because the drawing material is made of diamond, so it has a strong hardness and wear resistance, so the main purpose of drawing die is used to make a variety of drawing die, for the production of metal wire, wire, tube and other products Of the drawing processing equipment.

  • <h3>pcd dies, polycrystalline diamond wire dies - star wire

    PCD DIES, Polycrystalline diamond wire dies - STAR WIRE

    PCD DIES, Polycrystalline diamond wire dies Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a unique material that balances performance, cost, and surface finish. While natural diamonds and tungsten carbide are functional in some applications, PCD is an engineered material that helps diversify product offerings and lower overall die costs.

  • <h3>quality wire drawing die & pcd dies manufacturer

    Quality Wire Drawing Die & PCD dies Manufacturer

    Shanghai Anchors Mold Trading Co.,Ltd. is best Wire Drawing Die, PCD dies and Shaped Wire Drawing Dies supplier, we has good quality products & service from China.

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    ND Drawing Dies | Esteves Group