• diamond powder market - global industry analysis 2014

    Diamond Powder Market - Global Industry Analysis 2014

    Diamonds are fragmented to fine particle size of 10-100nm and are referred to as diamond powder or diamond dust. It is used to make semiconductor wafers, laser crystals, and HDD components, optical and electro-optical crystals among others. Diamond Powder Market: Dynamics North America and Europe are expected to be dominant in the

  • single octahedral diamond crystals

    Single Octahedral Diamond Crystals

    Home / Sales / Rough Diamonds / Octahedral Diamond Crystals / Single Octahedral Diamond Crystals * Products with a Price of $0.00 require a Price Quote. Please Contact Us (or place an order) to receive Price Quotes. ** Price Quotes are valid for a given period of time; they have an expiration date. Quoted Prices are based upon current, up-to-date, Wholesale Market Values.

  • the kimberley octahedral diamond is the largest naturally

    The Kimberley Octahedral diamond is the largest naturally