• amazon.com: temo 0.5 micron 5gram diamond polish lapping ...

    Amazon.com: TEMO 0.5 Micron 5gram Diamond Polish Lapping ...

    TEMO 0.5 Micron 5gram Diamond Polish Lapping Paste Compound Syringe Final Finish. 1 pc 5 gram syringes diamond polishing or lapping paste set. easy for use and avoid contamination. Best use with the wool polishers for polishing. Suitable for use on jewellery & gemstone, steel & hard metal, aluminium & zinc, all metallurgical purpose.

  • amazon.com: 7pcs 5 gram diamond lapping paste polishing ...

    Amazon.com: 7pcs 5 gram Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing ...

    This item: 7pcs 5 gram Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing Compound For Fine to Final Polishing, Grits 0.25 to 5.0… $23.90 In Stock. Ships from and sold by Kent Blades.

  • diamond grit lapping paste metal polish - youtube

    diamond grit lapping paste metal polish - YouTube

    lapping paste is a diamond grit paste that is used for metal removal/polishing. You can remove metal for lapping valves in a car engine or use for computer cpu and the heat sink.

  • diamond lapping paste

    diamond lapping paste

    7pc 20 gram Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing Compound For Fine to Final Polishing See more like this Diamond Paste Compound Polishing Lapping 100,000 (M) Grit 5 Gram Brand New

  • diamond compound / diamond paste - beta diamond products

    Diamond Compound / Diamond Paste - Beta Diamond Products

    Beta Diamond offers a wide selection of diamond compounds, diamond sprays, diamond slurries, and diamond suspension. Our diamond polishing compound is available in jars or syringes in a wide range of sizes and as an oil, water, or water oil base.

  • diamond polishing paste for a beautiful finish - eternal tools

    Diamond Polishing Paste for a Beautiful Finish - Eternal Tools

    The diamond grinding paste is mixed with a water soluble oil and comes in an easy to apply 5g syringe so the paste is ready to use and is easy to apply. Use on glass, metals, ceramic and mineral surfaces to give a superfine mirror finish. 0.25 - 3 micron for final polishing; 6 - 14 micron for lapping and pre-polishing

  • diamond polishing compound - simichrome polish - polish ...

    Diamond Polishing Compound - Simichrome Polish - Polish ...

    Find the Diamond Polishing Compound you are looking for at Gessweins online store. We have Simichrome Polish and Compounds for sale. ... SUPRA Pumice Paste $7.95. ZAM® Price Varies. Clover® Lapping Compound Price Varies. Water Soluble Green Rouge $4.50. SUPRA Diamond Compound Price Varies ...

  • polishing paste & lapping compounds - kemet

    Polishing Paste & Lapping Compounds - Kemet

    Simichrome Metal Polishing Paste. Recommended for use after diamond lapping compound. Removes tarnish, dirt and oils, and generally renews polished metal surfaces. Leaves a protective film, which retards oxidation but does not prevent tarnishing. Works well on virtually any ferrous or non-ferrous metal surface such as brass, copper, silver, gold,...

  • diamond polishing compound | mscdirect.com

    Diamond Polishing Compound | MSCDirect.com

    Material Application Carbide Compound Type Diamond Grit Color Red Grade Coarse Grit 600 End Use Operation Fast Lapping Container Size 18 g Diamond Concentration Heavy Maximum Grit (Micron) 40.00 Minimum Grit (Micron) 22

  • diamond compounds | polishing compound | gesswein

    Diamond Compounds | Polishing Compound | Gesswein

    Shop from our selection of water and oil soluble diamond compounds, perfect for polishing steel and other hard materials. Available in medium, standard and strong concentrations.

  • polish mineral crystal with diamond paste - forums.watchuseek.com

    polish mineral crystal with diamond paste - forums.watchuseek.com

    I use a range of about 10 grades of diamond lapping pastes from 20 micron down to 0.5 micron and a thick brass block as a lap. Cleanliness between grades of paste is absolutely vital, as well as washing both the crystal and the brass lap, I file the surface of the brass with a fine cut file to remove any embedded diamond, before moving on to the next finer grade.

  • ultradent™ diamond polish mint - products - category ...

    Ultradent™ Diamond Polish Mint - Products - Category ...

    Price breaks are offered on most items.... This amount is an estimate based on retail price. The actual amount due (shown at the final stages of your order) may be different from what is displayed here.

  • diamond polishing powders & compounds - lasco diamond products

    Diamond Polishing Powders & Compounds - Lasco Diamond Products

    Lasco offers faceting grade, resin bond, diamond powders & Compound. Use the coarser grits (100, 400, & 600 grits) for shaping. Use the intermediate grits (1200, 3000, & 8000 grits) for pre-polishing. Use the finest grits (14000, 50000, & 100000 grits) for final polishing.

  • diamond polishing compounds & paste

    Diamond Polishing Compounds & Paste

    Diamond Paste Polishing Compound for cleaning and polishing. Diamond paste ready-packed for dispensing in syringes which are color-coded. Graded sizes and compounded for good dispersion. Exceeds US standards for purity, size and uniformity. Excellent cutting rates and provides a good smooth finish.

  • diamond lapping and polishing - diamond compound, diamond ...

    Diamond Lapping and Polishing - Diamond Compound, Diamond ...

    Due to the exceptional cutting ability of diamond compounds on different ranges of materials, diamond lapping and polishing compounds are becoming more popular in the ceramic and metalworking industry. Diamond compounds, originally developed for finishing of tungsten carbide cutting tools, have proven to be economical for polishing hard materials.

  • polishing pastes ... look good and taste great! | dentistryiq

    Polishing pastes ... look good and taste great! | DentistryIQ

    In fact in the majority of dental offices, dental assistants are in charge of ordering supplies, choosing which products the hygiene department will use. This article will help dental assistants understand the etiology for coronal polishing, its protocols and techniques, and product selections, including what to use and how to use it, as well ...

  • diamond paste buffing compounds and polishing paste ...

    Diamond Paste Buffing Compounds and Polishing Paste ...

    Diamond Paste Buffing and Polishing Compounds. About these products Close. 4 products found. A buffing compound and polishing compound from Grainger help you create a smooth, desirable finish on metal, fiberglass, gelcoat and other painted or unpainted automotive, marine and piecework surfaces ...

  • diamond abrasive products | lapmaster wolters

    Diamond Abrasive Products | Lapmaster Wolters

    The Lapmaster Wolters range of diamond slurries has been formulated for use on many different types of lapping plates and polishing pads. The slurries can be hand sprayed onto the lapping/polishing platen or applied by an electronic dispensing system to control cost and reduce waste.

  • pinewood derby axle diamond polishing compound | derby dust

    Pinewood Derby Axle Diamond Polishing Compound | Derby Dust

    Using a high grade diamond polishing lapping compound will take off those milliseconds needed for your win. When it comes to removing scratches and polishing the surfaces of all types of materials, diamond paste is one of the most effective polishes to use.

  • diamond paste · hi-tech diamond

    Diamond paste · Hi-Tech Diamond

    Our diamond paste is a high quality paste that puts a beautiful polish on your gemstones. Use it to charge your lapidary tools, polishing pads and buffing pads. Diamond paste comes packaged in a convenient, disposable syringe. We offer a large variety of grits available in 2-gram, 5-gram and 10-gram syringes.

  • diamond compound polishing paste, 0.25 micron, 10 grams ...

    Diamond Compound Polishing Paste, 0.25 Micron, 10 Grams ...

    MTI's 0.25 Microm High Quality Diamond Polishing Paste. MTI diamond polishing paste is a water soluble compound. It is prepared and packed in a convenient and disposable plastic syringe. An easy to use 10 gram syringe for your polishing application. This paste gives you all the benefits of diamond while attaining an even finer finish.

  • diamond slurry slurries lubricants powders and pastes ...

    Diamond Slurry Slurries Lubricants Powders and Pastes ...

    Diamond Powders. Diamond abrasive powder is the hardest abrasive product used for lapping and polishing a wide variety of materials. Maintaining Lapmaster Wolters's high standard of quality, only premium virgin diamond is used for all applications.

  • buffing compounds and polishing paste - grainger industrial ...

    Buffing Compounds and Polishing Paste - Grainger Industrial ...

    A buffing compound and polishing compound from Grainger help you create a smooth, desirable finish on metal, fiberglass, gelcoat and other painted or unpainted automotive, marine and piecework surfaces. Choose from a range of colors including brown, green, orange, red, white, black and yellow.

  • dmt dia-paste diamond compound - sharpening

    DMT Dia-Paste Diamond Compound - Sharpening

    DMT Dia-Paste Diamond Compound. Make Custom Sharpeners Diamond paste is traditionally used to sharpen by applying it to a piece of maple or MDF. Just put a dab on and use it like you would a sharpening stone for a mirror polish. Perfect for using with a flat piece or for applying to custom shapes for carving tools or other blades that can't be sharpened on a flat stone.

  • diamond powder | beta diamond products

    Diamond Powder | Beta Diamond Products

    Beta Diamond Products, Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the diamond consumable industry, Beta Diamond Products, Inc. has been providing our clients with a superior line of diamond polishing abrasives, lapping products and petrographic slides.

  • engis hyprez ® diamond compounds and diamond paste

    Engis HYPREZ ® Diamond Compounds and Diamond Paste

    Engis HYPREZ ® Diamond Compounds and Diamond Paste. Five Star gives faster polishing times, better finishes and fewer steps required to achieve the final result. Five Star is both oil and water soluble. Hyprez Super-Cut (SC) Diamond Compound - For those jobs where stock removal is key, we recommend Hyprez SC diamond compound.

  • buffing & polishing compounds - mscdirect.com

    Buffing & Polishing Compounds - MSCDirect.com

    Buffing & Polishing Compounds 192 items returned List Table ... 5 g Diamond Grit Compound - Compound Grade Super Fine, Grade 3, 8,500 Grit, Yellow, For Super Finishing, Use on Ceramic, General Purpose & Metal ... 5 g Diamond Grit Compound - Grade Medium, 600 Grit, Red, For Fast Lapping, Use on ...

  • what-is-diamond-paste- - ebay.com

    What-Is-Diamond-Paste- - ebay.com

    Diamond Paste (H) 5 Grams Compound Polishing Lapping from 200,000 to 400 Grit Image Diamond Paste (H) 5 Grams Compound Polishing Lapping from 200,000 to 400 Grit $6.99 Buy It Now

  • diamond compound and diamond paste - kemet

    Diamond Compound and Diamond Paste - Kemet

    Diamond Compound & Diamond Paste. Kemet Diamond Paste and Kemet Diamond Compound are supplied in various types of packaging sizes including 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g and 1kg containers. The unique Applikator ensures that accurate amounts of diamond compound are correctly dispensed with no leakage from the syringe. Diamond paste also available for use with Metallography.