UHD310 Mono Crystal

UHD310 Mono Crystal

UHD310 Mono CrystalWith irregular crystal shape, sharp edges and corners, intensity is low. Suitable for resin wheels, grinding tools & wheels, low intensity grinding.UHD310 Available Diamonds GritGrit70/8080/100100/120120/140140/170170/200UHD310******

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CBN Abrasives

CBN Abrasives widely use for cbn insert making,cbn grinding wheels making,etc.

UBNM-B CBN Micron Powder
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UBN-BS CBN Mono-crystal
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UBN-BT CBN Mono-crystal
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About UHD

UHD Ultrahard Tools Co., ltd locates in Zhengzhou, where is industrial base for abrasives & grinding in China. As a Hi-tech enterprise, a key enterprise in the superhard material industry , UHD Ultrahard Tools has own technical and R&D center for artificial diamond and CBN


UBN-AT CBN Mono-crystal

UBN-AT Characteristics ● Golden ● Blocky particle shape ● Very high toughness ● Used in Vitrifi...

UBN-AS CBN Mono-crystal

UBN-AS Characteristics  ● Dark brown ● High toughness ● Very angular particle shape ● Very...

UBN-BT CBN Mono-crystal

UBN-BT Characteristics ● Medium friability ● Regular particle shape ● Good thermal stability ● Use ...